Vastgun VGX

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The device for anyone

Now you can reap the benefits of science & technology by using the Vastgun VGX to feel your best from anywhere & anytime.

Relieve muscle pain

Reduce stress

Increase performance

How it works

The Vastgun delivers powerful pulsations to the body to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle stiffness and soreness and reduce lactic acid. Backed by scientific evidence, the Vastgun has been shown to cause muscles to contract 37x more than normal voluntary contractions.

When to use it

The Vastgun can be used before, during or after exercise. It can also be used at home at any point when you need to relieve soreness or stiffness in muscle areas. Using the Vastgun on sore muscle areas will help deliver more oxygen to the muscle and reduce fatigue, spasms and pain.

Vastgun VGX

Speed Modes

We offer over 10 different speed levels so that you can customise the Vastgun's intensity to your needs


Choose from 6 different attachments:

Metal, Ball, Cylindrical, Fork, Shovel & Flat


The Vastgun VGX lasts for over 240+ minutes on one charge

Stall Force

The Vastgun VGX can withstand up to 60 lbs of stall force


Our lightweight materials makes the Vastgun VGX weigh in at under 1.3kg

Noise Level

Less than 50 decibels, quieter than an electric toothbrush

Amplitude Depth

14mm amplitude depth for deep targeted treatment

Give your body the treatment it deserves.

Enhance your wellness journey and experience the power of deep-tissue treatment in the power of your own hands.


Quieter than an electric toothbrush.


Our brushless DC motor delivers unparalled power whilst operating very quietly. The Vastgun VGX emits sound at less than 50db, whereas the average massage gun exceeds 100db, making the Vastgun VGX 2x quieter vs the average percussive therapy device. Not only can the Vastgun be as quiet as an electric toothbrush, but it can deliver up to 10 different levels of speed variation, with the highest being up to 3200rpm.


Vastgun VGX


What's included in my order?


  • 1x Vastgun VGX
  • 6 Head Attachments to customise your recovery
  • 1x Carry Case
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x AC Adapter


Everything you need to recover faster, relieve stress, and do more of what you love.