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How to use

Vastgun VGX

Benefits of using the Vastgun?

Relieve muscle pain

The Vastgun produces scientifically formulated percussions to relieve muscle tension & knots.

Reduce stress

The Vastgun can enhance your wellness by relieving muscle aches & pains and reducing stress.

Increase performance

By increasing blood circulation, the Vastgun can enhance recovery and improve athletic performance.

Feel better. Recover faster. Excel further.

Let our science & technology take charge of your health.


Love it

I found its best to use this post workout. Helps muscle recovery so much. I’m a PT and have tried quite a few massage guns and this is definitely one of the strongest ones I’ve come across.

- Mila E.

Best Massage Gun!

I was on the hunt for a quality product, was ready to spend the money and invest because I believe recovery and relieving muscle tension is so important, especially when we have bad posture, not stretching properly after exercise etc etc. I use this pre-workout as I read somewhere its more effective to use before a workout and I swear I feel I do so much more and my flexibility is more too '. Seen great results so will continue to use everytime each workout. I got a bit too excited when i first got it and pressed too hard and bruised myself lol but ive learnt you only need little pressure as its quite strong on its own.

- Manisha Y.


Brill massage gun and my fav attachment is the ball ended one- I use it on the sole of my feet and it feels so nice :) !!

- Olga J.